Like Em Straight – Mitchell and Cary

You came back at just the right time again to get to see some more intense like em straight gay scenes here for the afternoon once more. The names of the two hot guys this week are Mitchell and Cary and they know how to put on an amazing show for everyone to see as well. Anyway, let’s get right to the action in this one because as soon as they start off their action scene, there’s no stopping this pair from getting done with one another for the afternoon. And you can be sure that there’s lots of kinky sex going down too. Let the like em straight show begin and let’s get to see the two guys fucking each other nice and hard for the afternoon shall we?


Either way the show is most definitely a must watch today and you get to have quite the view of these two guys going at it passionately. Let’s watch them get down and dirty and see them start off their play session with lots and lots of cock sucking to start things off. The two of them are pretty amazing at showing off just how they like to use their lips and rest assured that you simply must see that through. Then once that’s done you can see the classy ass fucking that gets to be done here as well. We’ll be back again next week too and we’ll have much more new content to show off to you all as well. Bye bye for now everybody and we hope that you had lots of fun as usual!

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