Gregor and Chris

Welcome, welcome. We’re back yet again with a new like em straight show and more hot guys for you to see. The names of these two here are Gregor and Chris and they know fully well how to get to play naughty and kinky for you all for this afternoon. Well they both used to be straight actually, before they found each other and ever since then they seem to enjoy having lots of fun fucking one another every single day. In this new update they get to be the main focus of the scene and you just have to check out this like em straight action with them. So let’s get to see them kick off their scene with some blowjobs here shall we guys and gals?

The living room was all theirs to use as they see fit and to begin with, the two studs get to show off their naked bodies as they undress one another and they get to caress with a passion and french kiss too. Well they were soon hard and ready to get to play more naughty so watch them taking turns to suck each other off nicely for a pretty good chunk of this amazing show. Well that soon turns into outright ass fucking that you can enjoy as well and we bet you will. With that being said, we sadly have to take our leave for now but not before assuring you that there will be more to see next week as well. Bye bye for now and see you all next week!


Enjoy watching this straight guy getting his mouth stuffed!