Ajay and Jacob

The like em straight show is back for you to check out and enjoy once more and we have some more juicy scenes featuring guys getting nasty. This week it’s Ajay and Jacob and of course the straight guy is the one with the glasses and you get to see him how he gets to learnt the ropes of gay fucking this fine afternoon here. Ajay and Jacob had lots and lots of fun with one another and you simply must make sure that you check out each and every single one of those glorious scenes that go down today. Well let’s not waste time and see two hot gay studs as they get around to have some juicy sex for you and the cameras this afternoon shall we?

They get right down to business as soon as their like em straight scene begins and you can bet that you can see some pretty amazing stuff to say the least with them. As we said, the straight guy gets to be the one to learn quite a lot in this one and the gay stud Ajay is more than happy to teach him. See him showing him how to suck his big fat cock with those juicy lips and see the straight guy prodeeding to impress him with that pair of lips of his. And you can vet that Jacob didn’t stop sucking that man meat until Ajay blew his load inside of his mouth too. We bet you’ll like it and we’ll be back again next week with another new and fresh gallery!


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