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Like Em Straight – Wyatt and Chambers

Another fresh week and time for another like em straight scene. We figured that it was about time to get to show you one of the best pairs on the site here today. It’s made from Wyatt and Chambers and both guys know exactly how to get down and dirty with one another. And as you know, we always strive to bring you the best of the best. Get ready to see this gay duo in this like em straight scene getting to have some gay fun with each other. Well technically they would be bisexual, but anyway, they get to have some kinky sex here today and you just have to check it out without any more delays of any kind. So let the cameras roll already!


And since both of these guys are as hot as you can see in the preview they were more than happy to get to undress one another and show off their bodies as they got all touchy feely. Well you can also be sure that the guys are fully ready to get superbly kinky with one another as well and once they start going they don’t stop either. Watch closely and enjoy them masturbating each other to get even more kinky and after that they get to have a good ol’ fuck as well as both take turns to penetrate their asses today. We hope you had some fun with this one and you can expect to see even more soon as always. And also check out the past scenes for more content too!

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Gregor and Dale

Hey there again guys and gals. It’s that time of the week and that means more like em straight action is headed your way right about now. Anyway, for this fresh one we figured you need to see some more hot guys getting to play nasty and these two are Gregor and Dale, two hot studs that you have gotten to see here before as they got naughty and wild for you, all be it with a different pair of studs in their own scene. Well we figured we’d pair them up for this afternoon and see what came out of this like em straight scene with them and as you can see it’s just magic! let’s watch their gay fuck and enjoy the steamy action here today!

They also get to use that chair today and the guy with the sleeve tattoo seems to be the one that’s the center of attention here today. The blonde fuck buddy that is here with him has him laying on his back and enjoying a relaxing time while he wanks him off to begin with. The guy just wants to get his masterful hands on his thick man meat and you can see him jacking off the guy’s cock furiously. And he doesn’t stop until he makes him jizz as well, at which point, you can see the stud kneeling down and taking that load all over his face as well. Great scene with these two and more will come in the future as well. Bye bye until then and have fun!


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Like Em Straight – Wyatt

Well hello there again guys, it’s time time to see another like em straight scene and the new guy in this one is Wyatt, a hunky stud that gets his first gay experience here in the form of some pretty amazing oral as you can see for this show. He gets to play with the old guy that’s really good at sucking cock and we’re sure that you know the guy by now and what he likes to do. Well rest assured that in their time together this afternoon he made this stud feel really good with the aid of his lips and you can see every detail in this scene here today. Let’s just get down to business and see the old guy sucking more man meat again shall we?


The old stud is always more than happy to make an appearance and show off his skills and Wyatt here wanted the best that he could get. Well he was about to be in for quite the surprise as the old guy knows exactly how to push his buttons today. And rest assured that he learned that quick as with just a few movements, the old guy had him hard like a rock here today. Watch Wyatt moan in pleasure as he gets to receive one amazing sloppy blowjob today and see him ending up shooting his load in the guy’s mouth at the end too. We hope you had fun and we’ll see you all soon once more with many many more new and fresh updates and scenes!

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Gregor and Chris

Welcome, welcome. We’re back yet again with a new like em straight show and more hot guys for you to see. The names of these two here are Gregor and Chris and they know fully well how to get to play naughty and kinky for you all for this afternoon. Well they both used to be straight actually, before they found each other and ever since then they seem to enjoy having lots of fun fucking one another every single day. In this new update they get to be the main focus of the scene and you just have to check out this like em straight action with them. So let’s get to see them kick off their scene with some blowjobs here shall we guys and gals?

The living room was all theirs to use as they see fit and to begin with, the two studs get to show off their naked bodies as they undress one another and they get to caress with a passion and french kiss too. Well they were soon hard and ready to get to play more naughty so watch them taking turns to suck each other off nicely for a pretty good chunk of this amazing show. Well that soon turns into outright ass fucking that you can enjoy as well and we bet you will. With that being said, we sadly have to take our leave for now but not before assuring you that there will be more to see next week as well. Bye bye for now and see you all next week!


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Like Em Straight – Tommy and Andrew

As another fresh week rolls around we have more of that promised like em straight goodness with some more studs getting to do the dirty for you and the cameras. And these two are Tommy and Andrew, one of which you have already seen in the past. He’s here to show the ropes to the new guy and let him experience first hand how the guys around here get to play naughty and if you will stick through to the end, he seems to quite enjoy the whole thing as well. Anyway, let’s get right to the action once more and watch closely as this scene unfolds and the two end up having some juicy and steamy sex for you and the cameras today!


As the action scene properly begins, the two are on the couch and the straight guy is seemingly getting busy going down on the gay guy. All the meanwhile, the gay stud gets to stroke his cock as well as he doesn’t want to leave him unattended. Well either way the straight guy gets to perform one unforgettable sloppy oral for the gay guy and as you can see in the preview he’s quite impressed with the skill of a rookie at it. Well rest assured that he got to reward him for his nice cock sucking with a balls deep anal fucking this afternoon as well if you will check it all out. Enjoy it and see you next week as per usual with a brand new show!

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Geo and Max

Welcome to this week’s like em straight scene with the classy Geo coming back to show another straight guy a good time. By now he is one of the studs around this place that gets to take the reins and show off that you can feel really really good with a cock up your ass and his mate for this one is Max, a tattooed hot stud with a tan that likes to get kinky. The guy admitted that he always wanted to try having sex with a guy but never got to so this would be a perfect occasion to do so. Well let’s watch Geo in this like em straight scene as he takes his sweet time to teach his sexy round ass how to enjoy anal sex for pretty much the whole afternoon!

As the two make their entry. Male sure to check them out as they get to undress one another and as they caress and kiss see their sexy bodies fully expose for you all here today. Then it’s off right to the ass plowing action as the guest star gets to bend over a chair and let Geo plant his thick cock in his sexy ass. See the guy moaning and enjoying it more and more as they have sex this fine day here today. We’re sure that you will adore the action that these two get to put on for you and the cameras and rest assured that there’s more coming your way in the following weeks. Bye bye for now and make sure to drop by soon enough to see more!


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Like Em Straight – Seed Money Angel

Today’s like em straight scene is another one that’s ready impress you. We have this tattooed straight stud that gets to play with our resident expert cock sucker and stroker. And you should well know who that is by now as you’ve also gotten to see the guy just last week in some action as well. Of course, it’s the old guy with the cap and shirt that are both red and he’s ready to give some more lessons on gay sex this fine afternoon. Just sit your ass down as always and take some time to truly explore this scene here for the afternoon. Trust us when we say that you have quite enough to get to check out with these two playing naughty today!


As the tattooed stud undresses and takes his spot on the comfy seat, you can also take some time to enjoy that sweet and sexy body of his for the afternoon here today. Anyway, when the expert comes into view, he’s all prepared to give that dick of his a sucking and good milking today and he even has lube here with him today. And as they start off he gets to use one hand to make him nice and hard. That is of course followed by a sloppy blowjob and tongue action. To finish this guy off, you can see him masturbating his cock fast and hard until he climaxes and makes the guy shoot his load all over too. Have fun with this one and see you all soon with more!

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Straight Guy Gael

Gael is a straight guy that is the main star in today’s like em straight scene here everyone. Now you all know that we always have the best of the best scenes to show off and we never leave you hanging. Every week has a new and fresh gallery full of kinky stuff and you can bet that you always get exclusive access to the scenes. Well if you’ve been here a while you know what we’re talking about. If you;re just joining us, well, you’ll get to learn what we’re talking about pretty soon anyway. So just take your time and enjoy the show here today as you get to watch the straight guy getting to experience his first gay sex session ever on camera too.

The old man with the red cap is back in this scene as well and you can see him taking his time to ease the guy into the whole thing. So yeah, for this scene you get to see some more incredibly juicy and hot oral getting done with these two. See the sexy Gael undress and when all naked you can check him out taking a seat on the chair and eagerly letting the older man put his lips to work on his now excited and rock hard cock without delay. See the guy moan in pleasure while he has his meat suckled and when be blows his load it all lands in the dude’s mouth and face too. As usual we hope you enjoyed your stay here and we’ll be back soon!


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Like Em Straight – Robbie and Brendon

Hey there guys. It’s time once more to get to see a new like em straight scene here with more hot straight guys getting to experience some new things and in this scene you can see the two studs named Robbie and Brendon. Of course, it’s the straight guy that gets himself a nice and hard ass pounding in the scene as per usual and you just have to see that guy getting bent over and fucked doggie style for the rest of this amazing gallery here. Well, with that being said, let’s get the show moving as always as you just have to see some more amazing and kinky gay fuck scenes going down with two hot and horny hunks as well. So let’s get started already!


The gay guy is already naked at the stat and it seems that the straight guy is all ready and set to take his dicking too. Just watch him get his pants pulled a bit down and his cock sucked for a bit too. But pretty soon he is superbly eager to get to take it up the ass from the other guy and you can just watch the two having a go at it without stopping for anything. See the guy moaning as he gets that ass thoroughly fucked from behind and you can bet that you get to explore the whole thing here in the scene. We’ll be sure to bring you more naughty content next week and all you need to do is just stay tuned and check it out when we show it off next time!

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Dreamin Of Semen

Like em straight is back in black and we have many more amazing gay scenes to show off to you today. We have a new pair to show off and they are about to put on the best show that you can see in this afternoon scene without delay. Just take your time to sit back and relax as you get to watch these two studs getting right into some kinky action with one another as they have the whole afternoon to get down and dirty with each other here just for you. And this like em straight scene of theirs is full of images that are sure to sate your needs. So let’s get right into the action and see some more juicy gay sex getting done shall we?

The guy with the red cap is the same older gentleman that you got to see some updates ago and he seems quite set on showing off his oral skills on this straight dude’s cock for the afternoon. See him taking the dude’s pants off and whipping out his cock and before you know it he has that cock all nice and hard. Watch him wrap his lips around it and as he starts to move his head up and down sucking it, see him make the straight guy moan in pleasure at the special treatment that he’s getting today. It’s a scene that you shouldn’t miss for the world and we bet that you’ll have quite some fun with it. Enjoy it as always everyone!


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